Chalks Corriette

Chalks is a consulting social entrepreneur, President of the Belgian chapter of People to People International and member of its Global Board of Directors. Passionate and polyvalent, he leads projects in diverse domains such as sports, culture, media, corporate social responsibility and civic participation. He has valuable experience in change management, … More Chalks Corriette


Roberto Spitzer

Founder member of CEACSO, Roberto is deeply concerned about people and their wellbeing. He actively collaborates with numerous NGOs and serves as member in various boards. Drawing from his experience in the fields of graphic design, visual communication and community management, he participates in projects addressing the needs and expectations of individuals … More Roberto Spitzer


Ana Claudia Alfieri

Ana Claudia is Economist and Web Developer, founder member of CEACSO. She has worked as professor in European and Latin American universities, and as policy researcher and analyst for the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. She is also a blogger and a columnist on diverse subjects such … More Ana Claudia Alfieri