Organisational Support

We are committed to helping you create a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for your organisation. We will guide you to lead it more effectively, boosting its performance and increasing its impact.

Whether you need advice for the board, guidance for the senior staff or coaching for your team, our support is tailored to every level of management and will help you to strengthen the capacities of your organisation.

We can also work as an external coach to help you resolve internal functioning and staff problems or to assume interim management roles.

How we can help you

  • Assessment of internal operations.
  • Step-by-step programme to resolve the internal weaknesses of your organisation.
  • Direct and constant support for translating your strategy into a concrete action plan.
  • Support with the definition and implementation of a sustainable Monitor & Evaluation ┬ásystem and the development of tailored M&E tools.
  • Mentor and coach your staff.
  • Advice and support for the members of the board and senior management staff.
  • Development of an Induction programme for new Board members
  • Interim management assignments.

Our other services