About Us

We are a group of professionals with valuable experience in the non-profit sector. Conscious of the problems faced by small and medium sized organisations to be sustainable and to achieve their goals, we founded CEACSO in 2014 in order to facilitate their access to critical resources and strategic support.

To this purpose, we offer them our knowledge and expertise through one-on-one assessment, collaborative project support and networking opportunities connecting like-minded organisations across Europe. We work together with a team of independent collaborators who contribute to our mission from their areas of specialization.

We are committed to the promotion of the values of civil society organisations. Our principles define our priorities and goals and they are embedded in everything we do.


Our vision is a world where CSOs have a greater stability and sustainable resources to accomplish their goals, ensuring their place in society so the average person makes its voice heard.


Our mission is to contribute to the performance and impact of the civil society organisations by strengthening their capacities and reinforcing their knowledge.



Chalks Corriette

Chalks is a consulting social entrepreneur, President of the Belgian chapter of People to People International and member of its Global Board of Directors. Passionate and polyvalent, he leads projects in diverse domains such as sports, culture, media, corporate social responsibility and civic participation. He has valuable experience in change management, … More Chalks Corriette


Roberto Spitzer

Founder member of CEACSO, Roberto is deeply concerned about people and their wellbeing. He actively collaborates with numerous NGOs and serves as member in various boards. Drawing from his experience in the fields of graphic design, visual communication and community management, he participates in projects addressing the needs and expectations of individuals … More Roberto Spitzer


Ana Claudia Alfieri

Ana Claudia is Economist and Web Developer, founder member of CEACSO. She has worked as professor in European and Latin American universities, and as policy researcher and analyst for the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. She is also a blogger and a columnist on diverse subjects such … More Ana Claudia Alfieri



Karina Huberman

Independent NGO consultant and founder member of CEACSO, Karina has been working in the non-profit sector in Brussels for more than fourteen years, notably in the fields of gender, health and disability. She has extensive experience with European projects and doing advocacy to promote the rights of women and vulnerable … More Karina Huberman


Work with us

We are constantly looking for talented independent professionals to expand our multidisciplinary team of collaborators. Get in touch with us to explore how we can work together to advance the mission of our organisation.

We also offer internship opportunities for last-year students or recent graduates to support our activities. If you are enthusiastic about contributing to the work of civil society organisations, send us a motivation letter and a short curriculum to info@ceacso.org.