Centre for the Advancement of Civil Society Organisations

Welcome to Ceacso

CEACSO collaborates with organizations in actively involving their beneficiaries, drawing upon their life experiences, in decision-making processes, projects, and actions that directly affect them. We believe that those with firsthand life experience are uniquely positioned to offer valuable perspectives and contribute to the success of initiatives.

At our core, beneficiary involvement means the active and meaningful participation of individuals, groups, or communities who directly benefit from a program, project, or initiative, ensuring that their perspectives, needs, and experiences are not only acknowledged but also seamlessly integrated throughout the process, ultimately enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the results.

To achieve this, we focus on capacity building, provide tailored guidance, and engage in collaborative efforts.

CEACSO is a registered non-profit organisation based in Brussels, working with organisations throughout Europe and beyond.

Who we are

We are a non-profit organisation committed to the advancement of beneficiary involvement.

What we do

To achieve our mission, we concentrate on capacity building, tailor support and  collaborative efforts.

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